Italian Patent

N° PI2011A000090:

Shockproof thermoplastic material based on polycondensation polymers and its production method

Italian Patent

N° 0001426207:

High performance rechargeable nickel-zinc battery

European patent

N° EP2984130A1:

Improved Polyolefin Blends

Italian Patent

N° 102016000126625:

Simple insoles for the protection of the feet against bacteria, fungi and odors

Italian Patent

N° 102017000007091:

Simple preparation processes of fluorinated plastics containing nano-silver particles with antibacterial activity

Italian Patent

N° IT102017000144914:

Chemical-electrochemical cycle for the production of electricity.

Italian Patent

N° 102019000009246:

Cross-linking process of casein and cross-linked polymeric material derived from casein.

Italian Patent Proposal

N° 102021000017015:

Procedure and electrochemical cell for the recovery of pure Chromium (III) from exhausted baths in the tanning industry

Italian Patent

N° TO2009A000044:

Material sensitive to thermal stress.

Italian Patent Proposal

N° 102017000001597:

Simple and economical preparation of antibacterial polyolefin composites with pure silver nano particles.

Italian Patent Proposal

N° UB2015A000220:

Detachable tub trolley for shopping, made of a post-consumer thermoplastic material with a process suitable for product recyclability.